Guide to all Election coverage; Issues; Update: Recommendations Announced

stickyThis post will remain at the top of the post queue has served its purpose – and will remain on our front page until moved on by newer posts, so all election-related posts can be found easily (please click “Read More”; listings are hyper-linked to the referenced post).  Update: Candidate Recommendations announced.


Candidates’ introductory statements (in ballot order):

Hold this line

And this one

  1. Claudia Manley
  2. Victor Casini
  3. Dennis Brennan (no statement received)
  4. DeeDee Gorgol (no statement received)
  5. Kay Gallo (no statement received)
  6. Roseanne Rosenthal (no statement received)
  7. Ed Corcoran
  8. Roger Kempa (no statement received)

With Ms Babbington’s withdrawal, all candidates below her former position advance.  The new order is as above.

Articles (in order of appearance)

Articles from our Archives on substantive issues – extensive analysis of District 86 events:

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  1. I am very pleased to see the election results. Many people have worked hard to ensure there are new people on the school board – people who are sympathetic to the taxpayers. I look forward to improvements in cost savings because the district’s taxpayers were not treated well by the current board members. Many taxpayers, who earn much less than the district’s teachers, are unable to sustain tax increases caused by the actions of the current school board members.

    I plan on attending more meetings in 2013 and watch as the new school board moves in the right direction.

  2. Lyndaah F. Burkenstein

    It is my hope the Forrest Gump slate is defeated in the next School Board election. While certainly, Disctict ’86 students excel in their studies they are being short changed and could do so much more with a School Board that has experience and intelligence. Additionally, when large contracts are awarded outside the competitive bidding process overpayments result. Unless you are the one cashing in by getting the rigged bids due to lack of competition under the guise of specialized services, then it is a bad deal for the students. Lack of competitive bidding serves to rob students of badly needed financial resources for their education. Why rob banks, duh ’cause that is where the money is, why get a non-competitive contract from a school, dun ’cause that is where the $100M annual budget and $20M in reserves are, simply flush with cash……

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