Beat to Quarters

Beat to QuartersAfter every election, the candidates thank everyone that came out to vote.  May we add our voice to the candidates’ this year?  The spring Consolidated Election is typically (and was again this year) a very-low turnout election.  That means it is quite easy for a Union-financed and -organized campaign to be effective, even with its cause unpopular.  On the face of it, the Friends for District 86 victory was not overwhelming.  But its historical significance cannot be overstated.

A variety of factors contributed.  A referendum in Oak Brook apparently brought out a conservative constituency.   A Downers Grove Township contested election was the occasion for a highly effective GOTV effort on those candidates’ behalf.  The main factor, of course, was our collective frustration with the District 86 Board’s consistent refusal to be held accountable to the community.

“Beat to Quarters” is the old British Navy command to the ship’s drummer to order the crew to battle stations.  You have given the command, and we join the call.  The easy part is over now.  It’s time for conservatism to prove it works – works better than rule by fiat.

We stand in a position, we hope, to help you and help the new Board.  As issues arise, help us determine the community sentiment.  We firmly believe this new Board wants to know.  We will continue to operate in anonymity, convinced – in the context of the just-ended heated campaign – that emphasis on substantive issues outweighs any value in name-calling.  We value your ideas, and have no concern for who you are.  Send us your thoughts; they need to be substantive, not personal, and we will run them up the flagpole.

To be clear, we thank those who voted with us, but also those who chose not to vote as we did.  You will be in the forefront of the Force to keep this new Board accountable.  Not all of you will be convinced, but we think these new “Friends” will give it their best shot.

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One comment

  1. I see where Brennan [and two of his slate] were rejected by the voters. I am perplexed and disturbed by Brennan’s strong remarks concerning the Downers Grove Township Republican organization. Someone help me as I am working to get my files from the election 4 years ago out of storage, but I will. Concerning Brennan’s remarks about “Partisan” elections and whether candidates should be endorsed or affiliated with a formal political party I seem to remember for sure Gorgol identified herself as a Republican in the “Doings” candidate profile which helped her in the election she won by about 10 votes or Suburban Life and I thought Brennan had as well along with perhaps in a mailer. I have all the records, but not available. Does anyone have the media in writing showing which candidates identified themselves with a party in the “non partisan” election 4 years ago? As mentioned I know Gorgol for sure, but before I accuse the “Big D” for talking out of both sides of his mouth want to see the newspaper candidate profiles and media mailer.

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