Apr 13

The role of a Board Member

dance balconyCampaign season is inevitably the occasion for the question to arise:  What is the Role of a Board Member?  No forum or press questionnaire is complete without asking the question.  This year the reponse de rigueur is that the Board Member stands on the balcony overlooking – not on – the dance floor (that’s him – back in the shadows at the top left-center).  An imperfect analogy, of course, but instead of simply offering obeisance to the rubric and moving on – let’s stop and more fully consider it.  Let’s suppose ourselves on that balcony . . .

Apr 13

“Friends for District 86″ thank supporters

The three newly elected Board Members issued a statement, which we quote in full below, thanking campaign volunteers and voters for enabling them to accept the challenges that lie ahead.  We here wish them well, and look forward to seeing their vision become reality.

Apr 13

Beat to Quarters

Beat to QuartersAfter every election, the candidates thank everyone that came out to vote.  May we add our voice to the candidates’ this year?  The spring Consolidated Election is typically (and was again this year) a very-low turnout election.  That means it is quite easy for a Union-financed and -organized campaign to be effective, even with its cause unpopular.  On the face of it, the Friends for District 86 victory was not overwhelming.  But its historical significance cannot be overstated.

Apr 13

Guide to all Election coverage; Issues; Update: Recommendations Announced

stickyThis post will remain at the top of the post queue has served its purpose – and will remain on our front page until moved on by newer posts, so all election-related posts can be found easily (please click “Read More”; listings are hyper-linked to the referenced post).  Update: Candidate Recommendations announced.

Apr 13

A Fair Deal?

Fair DealHow “fair” are teacher salaries?  The Hinsdalean-sponsored forum, live-blogged on The Patch (April 4, 2013), appears to have produced no surprises, the usual questions and answers all being exchanged by the usual suspects.  But one question – asked of both D181 and D86 candidates – piqued our interest.  The Patch  shows the wording of the question, at 7:59 was: “How fair are the current teacher salaries for teachers vs. how fair they are for the taxpayers?”